Friday, April 17, 2009

Dear Kelly - I'm so Confused !

Dear Kelly,

I cannot believe that our relationship has deteriorated to this level after starting off so well. It was love at first site the first time I saw your size double 0, evening gown clad figure striking your signature "I'm so beautiful I must turn my back to the public or they will be overwhelmed" pose in front of one of your fabulously glamorous interiors. I was overcome with pride when you were photographed doing dishes in a ball gown and dripping with jewels. I made pilgrimages to the Viceroy in Santa Monica and Bergdorf Goodmans in NY just to be near you. But despite my devotion you have made a lot of promises that you just haven't kept.

You promised to fill the world with a new glamour and sophistication and yet you let yourself go to this! Where is the glitz, the glam, the lush opulance that you told us was the basis of good design? I think the honeymoon is over and you just don't care anymore. When I saw this I knew that you had given up on us.

Somewhere in the back of mind I still hoped that you would come to your senses and pull it together for the sake of our relationship but today I saw this!

Are you trying to drive me away? How can you expect me to accept this? Don't my feelings mean anything to you anymore?

I realize that I am just a mere mortal but I know when someone is phoning it in. I think it's time for us to take a break.

Call me when you 're ready to get serious again. Until then I'll think of you fondly as you were when we first met.

Seriously people, is it just me? Am I missing something? Is there some subtle level of sophistication that I am unable to detect? I thought 70's decor sucked the first time around - why are they trying to bring it back? Are there no original ideas out there anymore?

What are your thoughts?

Images via Kelly Wearstler for Sferra


vicki archer said...

I love this post Jackie and you are so spot on. Very entertaining, a great fun read - have a lovely weekend. xv

Linda Merrill said...

It's not just you Jackie - I thought this was all awful - and worse, cheap looking - as well. It's my hope that at least fans won't just be lemmings, following her down this road of 70's tacky...

Unknown said...

I still have great admiration for her, it's just that I really wanted more of what was supposed to be her signature style. I am honestly just baffled by her new direction. I feel like there is something I should be seeing that is just not there. Great design should be instantaneous, you shouldn't have to strain and squint to see it.

Michelle said...

Way to step out on a limb Jackie...I agree...the late seventies and early eighties are not worth repeating in my opinion. Is it about pushing it to places other designer's wouldnt (and don't want to) go, just to be different? These look like old institution colours and patterns...not gonna do it for me.

Great Post!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Brave of you!!! You are so right..sometimes it all just seems so uninspired...thanks for being real.

decinc said...

I so agree with you! I love her collection of textiles with Schumacher and I purchase a lot of it for my shop. But this new collection - no so much... That room you show that appeared in Domino is flipping hideous. There - I said it out loud!

DesignTies said...

Kelly is definitely channelling horribly bad 70s/early 80s style, isn't she?!
I enjoyed this post!!
Victoria @ DesignTies

Karen said...

Just take a look at the history of Sferra's special license projects and you will not wonder what has happened to Kelly W. When I first heard she was doing a joint-venture with them, I knew it was the beginning of another end. Sorry to have to say it, but that's the history.

Paul Anater said...

Thank you! Enough already with the big name designers being provocative for the sake of the shock value. Her latest direction seems like some kind of an inside joke. Thanks for calling her out on it.

cotedetexas said...

its not going to sell and Lee Jofa will have to dump her asap or rework it. I love Lee Jofa, and just can't believe this. Isn't this the Lee Jofa line? I hope I know what I am mouthing off about. hehe - it just can not compare to her Schumacher line which his brilliant - just brilliant.

Julie at Belle Vivir said...

I think there should be more people like you. People who owned their own opinions and are not afraid to express it. I think the blogsphere and media are full of people who are not more than shadows of others. They like what others like, they comment only when others comment, and so on. Keep it up. By the way, Kelly is still one of my favorite designer. Although I agree with you that this room and her latest line are not what we are used to see from her. One credit to her though, she is always reinventing herself.

KayEllen said...

I remember this look and you are drab and 70's.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

We are not going this year to WF.
I have 2 remodels I am working on with clients and won't finish until late May.

Hope you have a wonderful and successful show!

I am excited to tell you I will be in the summer issue of Artful Blogging...can't wait to see it myself! I am getting emails saying it's nice..but geez really hard to be patient!

Love your blog Jackie and have a wonderful trip!

Say hello to everyone at the for my Mom and I!


Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

Jackie - You are spot on! Hopefully this won't be like the "Emperor's Clothes" where others ooh and aah over it. Consumers shouldn't have to choose from this.

Julie Fillo said...

I remember feeling vaguely uneasy when I looked at that room in Domino, but I didn't realize why. Now I do! Funny, brilliant, post.

Renée Finberg said...

did you link me to your academy ????
i am getting quite a few hits from there.
can i see it without becoming a student ?

xxx congratulations on EVERTHING.

Cyn said...

I agree, it looks like something you would have seen at a McDonalds in the 80's, I need her glamour back stat!

Cyn said...

I agree, it looks like something you would have seen at a McDonalds in the 80's, I need her glamour back stat!

katiedid said...

Ditto, ditto and ditto!!!!