Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Shocking Email from Urban Outfitters!!!

Beginners Sewing kit from Urban Outfitters

I've been sewing since I left the womb and as long as I have been at it, which is far more years than I can recall, it was never considered "hip". Well, I received an email today from Urban Outfitters that rocked me to my core. They , Urban Outfitters that is, home of the hipster, young trendsetter, location of the virtual tipping point, have declared to the world that Sewing is now Hip!!!!

OMG - imagine my joy!! There in front of my eyes this morning was a hipped up, retro inspired, Singer sewing machine, offered for sale to the impressionable young people of the world. Just when I thought the world of home sewing was gasping it's last breath the recession has given it some much need oxygen and apparently a hit of steroids and human growth hormone.

Here it is, the object of my exuberant jubilation. Looks very similar to the one my sister and I spent years sewing on, although ours had a yellowed enamel finish that was chipped up and rusty underneath. Like many of my generation, we learned to sew on an old fashioned Singer pedal machine. Then we graduated to a child's Singer that was great for sewing doll clothes. My sister was a Sears machine girl, while I was and still am a Viking machine fan ( I have two that cost me more than a cheap car in India!).

My Vikings

This machine is billed as Singers commercial grade machine but it looks very similar to my old basic Singer. I wish I had pictures of my old machine so I could compare.

I must admit that seeing this machine has really touched off some serious nostalgia for me. Sewing was and still is a great escape for me from the stress and monotony in life. When I am sewing I have the freedom to create anything. There are no limitations aside from my skill level. I can be a high fashion designer, a maker of toys and beautiful clothes for my children, a creator of fantastic gifts for my friends and family, or a fabulous interior designer creating unique decor for my home. Sewing allowed me to live a lifestyle that I would otherwise never have been able to achieve. My kids were always dressed to the nines in adorable trendy outfits that I made them despite my very limited budget. I was always able to have a new outfit anytime I wanted one - I just made it! I made extra income by sewing clothes for my friends, custom wedding dresses, and beautiful ballgowns. Later my knowledge of sewing helped me become a better Interior Designer and eventually helped me in writing my books and designing fabric. I would not be the person I am today if I had never learned to sew.

Urban Outfitters is also selling a collection of sewing, DIY and craft books and supplies including vintage inspired buttons and appliques.

UO is not the only large retailer to jump on the sewing bandwagon lately. Target has always had a small sewing section in which they used to offer one or two sewing machines for sale. At my last visit my local store had no less than six different machines including this adorable Hello Kitty machine for little sewers. They also seem to be expanding their selection of notions, and accompanying equipment such as irons and steamers.

Michael's has also expanded it's sewing section with basic notions and pre-packaged fabric.


Anonymous said...

As I like to say, sewing is the new black! Sooner or later we knew the world would catch up. Gosh, so great to know at 53 I'm finally cool.


kate said...

Wow talk about a room with aView, great sewing window!!! and love the Hello Kitty machine, my daughter in chicago is a hipster, so i hope she takes sewing back up, she sewed since she was little, me too , love it.

Unknown said...

I love it!!!!!!

Linda Merrill said...

That Singer is the sewing machine that I have. It's pretty good - basic - but fast and sews through lots of layers. They did list it as professional. But, really, it's a very basic, very sturdy machine. Good for my needs!

Mercedes Stenberg said...

Jackie, check out There's a whole world of hipster sew-ers out there. (I know you've always wanted a tute on how to recon your Panic at the Disco concert t-shirt!) :)

Love your blog, keep it coming!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie....I had a Singer too & sewed for my daughter then later sewed for my former home alot. Now I have a new electronic singer that I have to read the book each time to figure out the bobbin - ha! I don't sew as much now but it is a great skill to have. I made the WT in my craftroom because I wanted to learn how to make the swagged horn kind of WT. Glad there are still some sewers out there & more to come. :) Bonnie

Boxcar Goods said...

My mom bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I have yet to learn how to use it! THat is my next project.