Sunday, May 24, 2009

4 Months 24 -7 Later - A Collection is Taking Shape

Ok Buddies - here it is, the first cut of the JVT Collection for Adaptive Textiles. 18 classically hip patterns in three distinct colorways sure to fit your every need and desire! The suzani pattern was inspired by one of the first blogs I began reading years ago now - All the Best. Rhonda loves suzanis and ikats and I learned quite a bit from her blog about them.

This grouping is tentatively named happy because that's how I feel when I look at it. This whole "naming" thing is much harder than it seems. You want to give your creations names that are descriptive yet catchy without sounding cutesy or overly serious. Not an easy task....

The groupings are designed to mix well together with similar and contrasting colors. We are still working on ground cloth selection. There will be a generous helping of organic cottons along with a smattering of washed linens and linen cotton blends.

The corner piece of this group called Bouquet, is the Birds & Branches toile which was inspired by my friend Joni from Cote de Texas. I set out to design a fabric that captured her aesthetic and this is what came to life.

Choosing the colorways was extremely difficult. I whittled some patterns down from 10 colors to 3 or 4. The toile and damask will be available in the most colors as they are the most versatile patterns. I could have had a zillion colors - it's so hard to choose so few.

These choices were selected from well over 100 patterns and colorways. I feel so guilty about those who didn't make the cut. They have been abandoned and may never see the light of day! I'm not used to editing myself as you must know if you have my book! I just include everything.... Oh well, hopefully I will find some use for them in the future. Sorry my little babies.

This group is called Moon Flower - I don't know why, it just came to me when trying to describe the large floral design on the bamboo trellis. I love the geometric shapes in this group and I must upholster something in the zebra stripe immediately. Preferably a beautiful antique french chaise lounge for my boudoir!

This grouping owes it's inspiration to my long time blogging pal the uber talented Patricia Gray and the wizard of interior color blogger Toby Fairley. I have learned some seriously insightful lesson from both of their bodies of work and have tried to apply some of it here.

I can't wait to put the finishing touches on all of these and figure out what cloth they will be printed on. Jeanelle Dech of Adaptive Textiles and I met at the Window Fashions Expo to discuss new options for groundcloth and I can't wait to see what she sends me. The pattern is only as good as the cloth it's printed on!

If you are reading this post, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, comment and give me some feedback on the designs that I have chosen. Which is your favorite? Which ones do you think still need some work? Which ones would you drop altogether? I would so appreciate any input you can give me. I really want to design a collection that is appealing to others besides myself - so I need your insight.. Don't be shy, tell me like it is.


cotedetexas said...

That is so sweet of you to say that Jackie - it really makes me feel great and it IS my favorite one of yours! Second favorite is the damask and then the zebra like print.

I think the lilacs are really going to be popular for girl's bedrooms.

You must be so proud! I am to just to know you.

do you think there might be any linens?

KayEllen said...

Beautiful Jackie!!
How exciting!!!

Did you get to meet my friend Paula Prass at the quilt show?...
I told her about you:)and to introduce herself.

Hope you having a restful weekend at home.


vicki archer said...

They are truly lovely Jackie and how talented you are. I love particularly love the floral. xv

Wanda S. Horton - Interior Designer said...

These are wonderful! And Happy is what they make me feel, too! I think your are right in really looking at the details of the ground materials. I can see that some of the patterns could become too "sweet" if they all landed on sateen or chintz. Are you going to use any linen textures? I think, for some of the geometric or animal type patterns, that would give them a great "hand" quality and will add a sense of sophistication.

Unknown said...

Hi Jackie
I am so glad that I could be of some inspiration to you for this wonderful line of fabrics that you have designed. I like the fact that they are organic cottons,washed linens and linen cotton blends. Your colorways are very fresh and original and I am sure that they will be a big success. I can hardly wait to see them in the market place. All the very best to you!!!!

Unknown said...

Ran across that huge convention ctr. when told you were in my booth to say hi. Wow, that's was a quick hello and goodbye, huh? Anyway, hope you found the contacts you hoped for. Everything looks great.

Boxcar Goods said...

i like the last two groupings.

Jennifer said...

Love your poochies - we just adopted a red 3 lbs. dash from a shelter - his name is Palmer and we're in love! We have friends in Austin, Houston and Commerce - I hope to visit this summer after I recover from my 6/2 surgery. :) Jenn

AGD said...

I like them all.

Lauren said...

oh my gosh i LOVE them!!!! I'll make a second comment and go through again but I just have to say "WOW" right now & when & where will they be available?!!!!

I am a linen-lover and would love so many of these on linen or a linen-like fabric. ok, off to go have another look!

Lauren said...

ok, I went through again & can't pick a favorite. I love so ,any. They're just so fresh & you're right, happy!!

I'm still seeing lots of linen and washed denims & naturals for the fabrics... please email me info about ordering!!! you're so talented!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Joni, you are an inspiration - ya know

Unknown said...

Hi Lauren,
I'm working on options for sales and distribution right now. I will post as soon as I know when and where they will be for sale. There will be plenty of linens and linen blends.

Madison Lane said...

I love them all, too! I wouldn't want you to drop any of them, just keep adding some colors. How about a grouping that is more about shades of creams and maybe a bit of black? Just because there are a lot of neutral people out there or because they can add it to the color scheme they already have.

Can't wait to get some samples for our shop!

cotedetexas said...

I still love "MINE" but I also love Happy too a lot. When are we going to get to see them in person? I can't wait - will they be linen do you think?