Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fabulous Fun at Quilt Market or Traveling Part II

The second leg of our recent trip was packed with firsts for me. I'd never been to Pittsburgh, I have never attended a Quilt market and I was about to meet some fellow bloggers and extraordinarily gifted and creative women whom I had become friends with through the blogosphere. First I have to say that Pittsburgh was not at all the dark smokey industrial city I had imagined. It is green and beautiful and looks like a great place to live. We thought there were no cameras allowed at the show so I've had to borrow these great shots from other bloggers who were more prepared. Thanks

My first stop was at Michael Miller Fabrics and the inspirational booth of a new blogging pal the super talented interior designer and fabric maven Paula Prass. My good friend Kay Ellen Hammer introduces us via the web. Her fabrics are vibrant and full of color and energy which pretty much describes Paula as well. I didn't get a chance to visit with her for more than a moment at the show but spent about an hour with her on the phone yesterday. She is a sweetheart and is my kind of gal.

Let me tell you that there is a whole lot more than quilting going on at this show. Fabulous patterns for purses, kids clothing, home decor, and everything else under the sun are for sale at every booth. Paula line in particular is suited for home dec sewing.

Some of the displays were just adorable and the whole show was chock full of inspiration and new ideas. Loved these aprons displayed over tutus - Yummm

Met the queen of Midwest Modern, Amy Butler. She is one of those gals that just exudes style. Her booth was fresh and clean and swamped with devotees of her fresh style. This entire show was packed by the way and I am told that this is the years "small " show with the Fall show in Houston each year being the "big one".

Another blog buddy, designer Jennifer Paganelli ( sorry couldn't find a picture of her adorable booth) introduced me to new fabric designer Vickie Payne who was introducing a home dec fabric line. Loved her bold use of color and classic motifs that had a very current edge to them. I'm sure she will do very well with this new line which I understand is a departure from the norm at the Quilt show.

Lila Tueller is a Utah girl and is too cute for words. She actually made her mannequin friend with a pvc framework and some stuffing. Isn't she great? this was my daughter Angelica's favorite booth and I wish I had taken pictures. She had the greatest idea for creating simple fabric covers for those inexpensive fabric globe party lights. Angelica wants to make dozens of them. You can barely see one hanging in the back of this photo.

There were samples of bedding here along with the many quilts and traditional goods.

This fabric line, Thimble Blossoms is a mother daughter team and the daughter lives right here in Las Vegas. I tried to meet her but her booth was always full. I'll have to stalk her and track her down here in town.

Patty Young is a fabric designer whose blog I read and she posted right before market of how her husband had built this great booth in their garage and just as they had put the finishing touches on the garage door was mistakenly hit and the door took the booth down in one fell swoop! What a nightmare - luckily her talented hubby was able to put it back together and it looked great.

I've got to say that my eyes have been opened to a whole new busy bustling world of fabric and soft goods construction. I had no idea until just a few months ago that this world even existed and I am so glad I stumbled upon it - just another happy coincidence of blogging!!! Can't wait to go to the October show in Houston......


Lauren said...

so much beautiful inspiration!!

beth said...

Wow, that is stunning. I have never seen one like it.

HexagonLady said...

Woooohh! Fantastic work! Leja from Sweden

shalymere said...

Very creative, colorful and pleasing to the eye.