Sunday, November 29, 2009 goes LIVE !!!!!!!

FINALLY ~ After months of preparation and hard work, my new website, is up and running ~ live!!!!

I don't know which took more time; designing the fabric collection or building the website! No matter, because it's now open for business!

There are 12 main fabric patterns available in a diverse selection of colorways for a total of 64 unique fabrics sold as yardage. The pillow cover collection includes 15 unique patterns that coordinate with the yardage patterns in a wide range of colors for a total of 48 beautiful pillow cover designs. Many of the patterns and pillow covers cross~coordinate to give you a full spectrum of size and scale to choose from.

The main page of the site, showing my favorite angel bench, Peanut, and a tiny glimpse of my backyard. All of the fabrics and pillow covers in the collection are made in the USA of natural and or 100% organic fabrics and are printed via an eco-friendly process. We ship directly from the printer / manufacturer to reduce shipping cost and our carbon footprint.

The Pillow Cover page. Each pillow is a small work of art and is designed to enhance our yardage patterns.

The fabrics and pillow covers are shown grouped by type (fabrics or pillow covers), by color, and by collection.

Here is Peanut ready for her close up! She's not much of poser. It took a generous amount of leftover Thanksgiving turkey to get her to hold still.

I am so proud of this site and of my new fabric line and I hope that you will take a trip over there to have a look. While you're there please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate it.

Special thanks to Leila & Cicily from Lightning Bug Designs for designing the site and walking me through the shopping cart process ~ Ughhhh...


Linda Merrill said...

Fantastic Jackie! Looks great.

Unknown said...

Thanks Linda, you are always so supportive and it means the world to me.

Lauren said...

Oh Jackie!!!! I'm just SO excited for you (haha and for me to get to use your fabrics for clients! ;) This is amazing & what an accomplishment. I was at the bookstore the other day & meant to tell you how excited I was to see your book prominently displayed!

Huge hugs for your success!! :)

Emily said...

I am new to your blog but I love your work! So happy to see your new site!

Lauren said...

Ok I'm back- I just cannot tell you how much i LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!! My gosh it's just AMAZING!!!! I have barely scratched the surface & am on my way back to your site to keep looking (in Heaven!!) but everything is just insanely perfect & I cannot wait to use your fabrics & pillows!!! Anyway, I sent in a trade query to open an acct & can't wait!!!


Seriously you are one of the best fabric designers I've ever seen. Awesome.


Lauren said...

ok last comment- I promise! Just put up a post about your new site on my blog- I'm obsessed.

So happy for you!

Unknown said...


Congrats! Great timing too. Your line has a comforting soft touch. After this year of tension and uncertainty we can all use a room makeover of comfort and a feeling of security.


Leigh Chandler said...

Congratulations! It is awe inspiring and just breathtaking! Easy to navigate and each page is another wonderful surprise for the senses. You are an amazingly talented woman and deserve all of the kudos!

Janet said...

Beautiful!! The pillow fabric is genius. I love your prints!!

I dream daily of designing fabric.

Red Door Home said...

Just found your beautiful blog. Your fabrics are stunning. So excited to see more!

Lauren said...

The whole line is FABULOUS!!! Congrats!!!

Tammy@InStitches said...

Jackie, they are absolutely beautiful. The colors are so perfect. I can't wait to use them to make something gorgeous !

KayEllen said...

Beautiful Jackie!!Congrats:)

Inspiring me this evening!!


Michelle said...

Ok, I knew it was going to be great, but it's even better than that Jackie! And Peanut is adorable...and looks in charge! You are an amazing talent!


Karena said...

Wonderful Jackie! I adore the pillows! Art indeed!

Anna White said...

Hi Jackie...congrats on your new line of fabrics..they are just so amazingly beautiful ...truly stunning. Found your blog through Brabourne Farm and will definitely visit again. Thanks for sharing . Anna x

City Living Girl said...

I just found your blog & site. So excited to see a new and lovely eco friendly collection of fabrics & pillows. Will definitely post about it on my blog
....Congratulations! I look forward to connecting.