Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Can't Believe It's December

I can't believe that is already December ~ where did the rest of the year go? Time always seems to fly by unless you're waiting for something special and then it dribbles slowly. This is what my house looked like last December (might have been January ~ but it's sometime in winter anyway) I had a lot of fun just sitting at my desk in my kitchen watching the snow fall for a whole week straight. Very unusual for Vegas ~ Global warming????

The local weather man says there is a chance of snow tomorrow and I am so hoping he is right! I love to pretend that we have winter here. We get to have a bit of fun with a few snowflakes but don't have to shovel anything. The only drawback is that unusually cold temps drive the scorpions out of their hiding places. My husband had to squish one just the other night at 3:00 am while walking to the bathroom. We never had a problem with them until last year ( more global warming? )

When winter rolls around I always look up The National Gingerbread Competition at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC. This years entries, while beautiful, seem a bit conservative and almost somber. Maybe it's a sign of the times. What do you think?

Grand Prize Winner

First Prize Winner

Second Prize Winner

Third Prize Winner

It seems the housing crisis has even hit the Gingerbread world! Bummer........


vicki archer said...

That is sad about those gingerbread houses, I like the old fashioned Hansel and Gretal style ....May you have lots of snow in Vegas Jackie and a very happy weekend, xv.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

And what a beautiful view you have, Jackie! We have a "chance" of snow showers tomorrow ~ not sure how I feel about that yet considering all the snow we had this past winter.

Debra Lea said...

I love your work and blog! I'm hoping along with you for that snow! *fingers crossed*

Debra Lea said...

Haha..The weather guys in this town are def on crack haha..I still think we will get lucky with the "snow" ~ the question is when :0) Until then I have my fingers and toes crossed! Have a wonderful weekend.

KayEllen said...

Love the snow on your house :)

Yes I agree~~this year has flown by waaaay to fast!

Enjoy December because here comes a New Year! Yikes! 2010? It does not seem possible...

Have a wondeful weekend Jackie!


Anonymous said...

Your home is so beautiful! I'm crossing my tiny fingers for you that you'll get some snow! Those are some very unusual gingerbread houses. I guess I don't get out much - I've only seen the little Hansel and Gretel kind! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Viera said...

Jackie, your new web site is fantastic.
Thank you for your wishes.
Have a great week.

Michelle said...

eeek...scorpions! My husband missed one with his shoe on the wall one night...I was wide awake all night expecting it crawl on me...we lived in Key West at the time,a nd I was so paranoid after that!

Ginger bread houses have come a long way!!!

Is it too early to say Happy Holidays? Just did... :)


Lauren said...

i have never even thought about what it would be like to have scorpians running around!!! scary!

i hope you got your snow & bit of winter!! :)

Betsy said...

Don't care for the style of gingerbread houses either. I am in agreement with the above post liking Hansel and Gretel type houses too.
I thought the fairy tale by Grimm brothers is what brought about the Gingerbread house, or the house the witch lived in.
We are supposed to get sleet here tonight. I am ready for it.
I enjoyed your post.