Thursday, December 10, 2009

Same Fabulous Bed ~ Different Room

I love this bed ~ so I was thrilled to see another interpretation of it the other day. In the photo above of room number one I like the rustic natural feel of the stone walls and aged floor. I'm also a huge fan of how they drapes a simple muslin canopy over the back!

Room number two has a slicker fell to it. The glossy floor makes it look as if the bed is floating there. The canopy seems to be an afterthought or it's just lumpy in the middle otherwise I would have liked it.

Looks as if this room was not professionally staged. Could there be more stuff on that table? Still I love the bed and the red bed cover is full of punch.

My favorite would have to be the first room though. It's just balanced to perfection.

Which one do you prefer?


Anna White said...

jackie..these are stunning rooms..Im a sucker for a splash of red :)

Unknown said...

I like room number two, it feels like the room of a world traveling blogger. Staying for short bursts of time to blog while traveling the globe. Cozy, artsy, light, but I so love variety that all these rooms appeal to me. Nice snaps!