Monday, March 22, 2010

Color Coming of Age

When I first saw pictures of the Coastal Living 2009 Idea House My first thought was that I loved the furniture selection and layout but I was not sure if I liked the color scheme. I thought it was a bit jarring.

However, I am currently obsessed with this house and how spot on it is with current trends and colors. It has really grown on me. Considering that the planing and design for this 09" project probably took place in 08" the designers certainly had foresight.

I love the striped walls in this photo and the mix of furnishings. This room is vibrant and fun but has a soothing quality that must have been tough to achieve using these vivid colors.

The use of bold large scale patterns is terrific and I love the over sized accessories.

It is a fun and whimsical house that looks like it would be a blast to spend the summer in. It does exactly what a show house is supposed to do; show off new and growing trends and products.

I am really surprised how my taste has changed over the past few years. I think blogging really exposes you to so many new styles and options. I would love to re do my house in crisp colorful hues but I am too invested in what I have which is traditional and woody. I'll have to wait until I move - which may be never! Till then I will live vicariously through other designers creations!


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I think it could grow on me too. Much more in love with it in the bathroom but the bedroom is beautifully designed. I'm so in love with patterned drapes at the moment; design trend or here to stay?

Great post & happy new week to you ~

Tammy@InStitches said...

I've been looking at this house for a couple of days and I'm loving the master BR.

Trouvais said...

Hi Jackie. It is great to be able to live a bit vicariously through blogs before "bringing it home". Always trying to stretch past my comfort zone, though I'm a neutral gal. Great post, thank you! Trish

Patty said...

I like the decor but I think I would do it with a brighter color of yellow.

Cheryl A. Rodriguez said...

I particularly like the sink area. Find it really sweet especially that this is really how i want it to be in my new home. The color scheme is pretty much laid back and relaxing... a home like this will really make you just stay 24/7.

La Petite Gallery said...

Jackie , This has some very unsual look's to it. The bedroom is my favorite. Nice post


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I would have never expected to like yellow and gray for interiors - but the trend is definitely growing on me. Probably not for my own home - but there is something very glamorous about it. Some of the wallpapers I've seen are amazing.

Tracy Watier said...

I love these spaces. The color, the pattern, the whimsy. But I do think I'd rather vacation there than live there every day. Not so much because of the style though but because the colors aren't my favorites. That said, I do love the bath and the bunk room just as they are!