Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Restoration Hardware ~ Rough Luxe or Bust


The new spring collection from Restoration Hardware comes straight from the floors of the January Maison et Objet show in Paris. Looking through the new catalog I was transported back to the show where Belgium influenced design reigned supreme. RH has gone all in with this trend across the board in their offering. It’s rough luxe from them or nothing.


I love this style but I wonder how a catalogue based vendor such as RH can bank on being so heavily invested in one design scheme? Does this trend have long enough legs to stand on it’s own for a significant period of time?


One point that concerns me is that rough and distressed product often does not have the quality of construction to last for many years. The very thing that makes this style so appealing, it’s rustic finish, can mean a short lifespan. Little or no protective finishes on the wood products, raw fabrics and distressed surfaces offer little defense for the reality of daily wear and tear.


Some products look like they would hold up better than others.


I am in love with the resurgence of the giant Chesterfield sofas! Nothing says sit down and get comfortable like one of these behemoths!


I do wonder if these industrial light fixtures will become the arc lamps of the 1210’s.


This looks a bit “old hospital room” for me.


I love love love this setup. The mirror is divine, and those chairs! Yummy.


Great ottoman, can you see the tufted top? I like the raised lip around the edge.


Time will tell if this look will have staying power. I’m sure like most trends parts of it will stick around and others will wane away. See the entire collection from Restoration Hardware here.

Which items do you think will have what it takes to win the test of time?


mimi said...

I have wondered the same. Although I personally like the rough luxe "Belgian" look, does it have enough mass appeal and staying power to sustain RH in its all or nothing bid?

Jeanette {A Passion for Home} said...

You raise a good point about whether RH is taking a risk investing into one design style. The thought never crossed my mind. I do love the mirror you posted above the console table. And their attention to detail on the ottoman is amazing.

I purchased their media library last fall and finally received it two weeks ago. I do like it and was a great price vs. custom built-ins.

I think classic pieces such as their upholstered goods will stand the test of time. It will be interesting to see what wins this test! :-)

Unknown said...

The sofas are good. The chairs are not in my opinion. They are distinct but lack a certain look of comfort and quality. They skimped a bit on those. The hospital room look-- I agree totally -- maybe that is a deceased woman's dress displayed center stage. SCARY!!!!!! I do however like the risk they took and I love the fact that it lends itself to a mix of Linen w/ a touch of Hollywood Glamour which is different for them. However, I do think their could have been a LITTLE COLOR---

Anonymous said...

I agree completely about RH new look. Received the catalog and was disappointed in the new direction. I worked there briefly many years ago and loved the furniture; it was timeless. This new furniture looks like something you'd find in an old castle. The big sofa IS fantastic, but the rest can go as far as I'm concerned.

Shelly said...

We are getting the Large Chesterfield Sofa. They have an Army duck fabric that is a bit more utilitarian, but with 2 young kids you made a good point about the linen fabric. Any additional thoughts since this posting on longevity and durability of their belgian linen?