Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In My New Studio Today




Working on my first project in the new studio and its fabulous;  although its still technically under-construction.  

I still need:

A TV  ~ ( I am a TV  addict.  I don’t watch it when I work but the sound keeps me company since its mostly just me and the dogs when the hubby is at work.  I am so used to it being on that working in this new room with no sound is creepy.)

A rolling office chair for my sewing table.   (This one would be great)




A barstool for the work table ~ Just stole one from the kitchen for now, I want this one from Home Decorators Collection . I like the back since I am getting old and hunched over from overwork!  And I love the swivel.  I wish it was on rollers though.


And last but not least flooring ~  I will have to wait on that one for awhile.



I’m doing rough color studies for a new series of birds and flowers.  For this project I am using a combination of  watercolor pencils and traditional watercolors.  I print out my sketches first on Bristol paper and try to rough out the colors first so I know what I am doing on the final draft.  This saves me lots of time, effort, and paper since it takes me a few tries to get it right.





When I get a new set of watercolor pencils ( or regular colored pencils for that matter) I usually do a color chart so I can see what they look like after water has been applied. I do a small swatch of variegated color and label it with the pencil brand and number. Most watercolor pencils change significantly once they have been wet and then more after they dry.  This is a good quick visual reference but I still need to do mock ups to be sure about the colors I am using and how they will blend together.

Watercolor pencils are great for me because I tend to do small , detailed images and I don’t have a ton of experience with fluid watercolors.  I am learning though! 


Karena said...


I am so excited about your new studio. I need a new desk chair with good back support, and want it in white, so let me know how yours feels!

Your works of art are amazing!

Art by Karena

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Erica said...

What a great job! Love your drawings!

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Paula O said...

Hi Jackie,

Your work and your blog are both lovely to look at. I have a thought for the barstool you want - it is very simple to purchase sturdy caster rollers as places like Home Depot and screw them into the bottom of the legs. I have done this before myself with a coffee table and they were simple to attach. Good luck in your new studio!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Not only are you artistic but you are so organized!!!!!!!Unbelievable!Enjoy your new digs....Maryanne xo

Rebecca Grace said...

The color chart for watercolor pencils is a great idea -- I passed it along to my son. Now I'm thinking about all those decorative stitches built in to my sewing machine, and all the time I spent experimenting with them when I was embellishing seams on a crazy patchwork quilt Christmas tree skirt a couple of years ago. I wish I'd stitched out a reference guide once I had things the way I wanted them and labeled them with stitch length and width, tension adjustments, thread used, etc. It would make it so much easier the next time I attempt that kind of project.

Congratulations on your lovely new studio!

dressesshop said...

great!you are doing rough color studies for a new series of birds and flowers. this is interesting!

stampedconcrete said...

i like your drawings .. so beautiful ..

Stephanie Ryan said...

I love the new work. Enjoy your new studio!


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