Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seashells in the Fall?


I’ve been fighting the flu or a cold or bronchitis or something crappy for the past two weeks and have passed the time working on a collection featuring watercolors of seashells.  It seems like a subject matter better left for the summer months but when the mood strikes you I guess you should just go with it.   

One of the wonders of Photoshop is being able to paint individual motifs and then arrange them in different configurations, colorways, and combinations to create multiple images. 

So far this grouping includes a monochromatic version on silver leaf background, a pseudo vintage collage version and my favorite an old world collection in silver urns.


I want to try a sepia version of the urns so I can hang them in my library. 


I think these would make great tiles. 


Rebecca Grace said...

Jackie, I LOVE these!!! Do you have any plans to bring these designs to fabric? I especially love the seashells in urns and I've never seen anything like that elsewhere. You are so talented. I hope you feel better soon.

NR Designs said...


Anita Boetsma said...

Jackie, I just love your one of a kind designs! The seashells are beautiful.

Unknown said...

Thanks Girls, Rebecca this may wind up as a fabric pattern. I'm working on it right now. I'd love to see it with some NR Designs coral finials!

NR Designs said...

I'm with you, Jackie -- your beautiful seashell designs brought to fabric, along with my coral finials, would be a fantastic look!

MitchRodriquez @ English Atlanta said...

I am interested as well on having this designs printed in fabrics or like a craft done to be use as pillows or so. I would love to know if that is ok.

Unknown said...

Hi Mitch, Thanks for your interest in my artwork. Sorry but my designs are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in anyway, this would include printing them on fabric or using them in any other way without my permission. I license my art for use on products and have exclusive agreements with my manufacturers. Hope that answers your question.