Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anyone Can Learn to Draw


I had the pleasure of teaching a private session yesterday of my Anyone Can Draw class to the fabulous design team at Colours Inc. in Las Vegas.  Over the past 25 years my good friend Leslie Parraguirre has built Colours into one of the premier design firms in Nevada.


She and her talented design team were great pupils for my full day immersion class that teaches design professionals how to easily and accurately draw professional quality design renderings that will knock the socks off their clients and help them communicate with their workrooms and installers.


Here they are showing off some of their drawings done in class.  They really rolled out the red carpet for me with gourmet pastries for breakfast, a fabulous lunch, and delectable deserts and wine after we finished.


It was a long day full of creative learning but they all took to it like the pros they are.  My favorite part of teaching this class is seeing the finished renderings at the end.  They are all so well done and beautifully executed.  Thank You Leslie and Colours Inc. for making me feel so welcome and for being open to new ideas and creative growth! 


Rebecca Grace said...

What a fun class! I always struggled with drawing draperies, especially when I had a client looking over my shoulder while I was sketching. I'd joke with them and say, "Kind of like this, except yours won't be crooked, I promise!"

Kathryn said...

That looks like such a wonderful class! Would love to be apart of something like that sometime. I'm like Rebecca Grace!

Nancy said...

I wish that I lived closer - I would love to take this class from you! You have many talents!