Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dolce Gabbana Takes on Traditional Home Design Motifs

I am thoroughly obsessed with the new Sicilia collection by Dolce Gabbana!  It is a stunning take on handcrafted Italian tile designs and traditional Majolica patterns.   As we all know home décor often follows fashion trends but this time the designers are taking their cue from a traditional home décor theme and imagery.


The fabrics are digitally printed to capture all of the nuances of tile glazing and colors and the designs come to life with the addition of jewels and gilded crowns.  This trend of using bold colors and bright contrast is in line with what seems to be happening now in home décor.  Manufacturers are showcasing bright colors in  primary contrasting hues for a knock out effect that is a welcome relief to the bland color we have been seeing for the past few years as we have dug out of the recession.


The use of bright colors  in fashion and in home décor usually signifies an upturn in the economy and a positive attitude about the future..  Since I am Sicilian I am especially drawn to these motifs and of course to the beautiful scenery captured on the Isle of Capri.


This particular collection not only shows bold choices in color and pattern but it seems to be a return to classicism and the comfort of deeply rooted cultural design.  It reminds us that the richness of life doesn’t always come with financial excess,  sometimes it is rooted in the simple images of our culture and history.


As you can see in these close ups the digital printing process has really come of age with its ability to capture all of the minute detail and texture of the original tile designs.

This is one of my new surface and pattern collections that I just debuted for manufacturers at Surtex in May.  It will soon be out in the marketplace on a number of home décor products.  I was really struck by the the similar motifs and the traditional yet current feel of both of them.  We are seeing trend this play out all over the Home Décor market.

lemon black-Chalk-plate

I may not be able to afford a Dolce Gabbana couture original but I can afford a pretty plate or two that will take me back to Capri .  Yes, I have been there -  I went on a romantic private boat ride around the island with my fabulous hubby who immediately got sea sick and remained green  the whole 1 1/2 hour ride  around the island but Rodolfo our boat captain and I had a wonderful time.  The hubby still won’t get on a boat to this day!

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Rebecca Grace said...

That is so cool, Jackie -- love the D&G gown, as well as your lovely Chalkboard Botanicals design. Thanks for spotting and sharing this trend. I think that it's really interesting in general to see familiar, traditional patterns and designs taken totally out of context like that, and suddenly what may have felt old and tired becomes fresh and utterly modern just because of that unexpected context. Food for thought!