Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bed Crowns Fit For a King

My fascination with antique doll crowns trickles down to bed crowns as well. I love a draped bed and using a crown is a fun and practical way to achieve this look. Coronas use less fabric than with a traditional canopy treatment and they do not interfere with hanging light fixtures, ceiling fans or air ducts.

Whether you are looking for something ornate or simple in design there are a variety to choose from.

They can be hung from the wall or from the ceiling and always add a sense of old world drama
to a bedroom.

It would be nice if there was a selection of crowns with a more modern design style. I haven't found any yet. I might just have to design some!

Sources for bed crowns (or coronas if you prefer )
Antique Drapery Rod Co
Design Source Ltd
Alhambra Antiques
The Well Appointed House
For Mercy Sake


annechovie said...

Some beautiful options, Jackie! I love the look of these coronas.

Unknown said...

Hi Anne, I think ever girl should have one at least once in their lifetime!

ALL THE BEST said...

Thank you so much for listing the sources!! Just beautiful!!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Love the beautiful crowns. It would be wonderful to have such a proper bed!

Anonymous said...

I have bought a few bed crowns over the years, all from here

Just thought someone might be interested if they want to buy one.