Thursday, August 9, 2007

Five Weeks Until My Book Launches

It's coming down to the wire and I must confess I am getting excited. I expect my copies of The Design Directory of Window Treatments to arrive in the next couple of weeks and then it hits the stores on September 24. Getting a book published is a ridiculously slow process. It's enough to drive you batty!

My book is meant to be a visual reference and source of inspiration for anyone looking for window treatments. My goal is to encourage designers to think out of the box and expand their range of options when designing for windows.

Here's a preview of a few pages from the chapter on Lambrequins.

Lambrequins are usually thought of as a very traditional type of treatment. However, I have seen a resurgence of their use in recent years and designers are beginning to put a modern twist to this classic design element. I like to use them because the abundance of surface space gives you ample opportunity to explore shape and texture. They are an excellent element to use if you wish to manipulate the architectural layout of the window and wall.

Nothing makes my skin crawl more than when I see a fabulous interior with boring, everyday, window treatments! One of the main focuses of my book is to identify the standard, individual elements that are used to construct common window treatments and use them in alternative ways to create new, cutting edge treatments.


Mélanie said...

My mum loves to make it . It asks so much technique . I wish I would be abble to do the same . Well I prefer to choose fabrics with the customers. The lampbrequins never go out of fashion . It is classical but so beautiful inb an apropriate room.
Mélanie xxx

cotedetexas said...

Do you do all the drawings yourself? They are so cute! Does Amazon have the book? I can't wait to ready it.


Unknown said...

Yes, I do all the illustrations. No one else is crazy enough! It should be for sale in bookstores after the 24th of September. It's on amazon right now for pre-sale.

Unknown said...

Love these treatments and how exciting for you. It must be like awaiting the arrival of a new baby.Please let us know how to purchase it.