Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not-So-Extreme Holiday Makeover

So, you've decided to host the perfect Holiday soirée. The Tree is trimmed, the halls are decked and the table is set with your finest china. Everything is just as you had envisioned until you take a look at that dingy old sofa or chair with the threadbare, dirty upholstery. Can your party really be the success you are sure it can be when you are overcome with fear that your guests will notice that your furniture hasn't been updated since 1980? Will someone sit on the chair that Uncle Larry spilled red wine on last Thanksgiving? What about the ottoman that serves as your dogs chew toy!

Have no fear - you still have time to pull off an instant makeover with slipcovers.

These great slips from Before-n-After could be hiding all sorts of sins but you'd never know it.

Whether you go with a ready made or semi-custom slip cover companies now offer many options that give your furniture a custom high-end look. These are not your grandma's sofa throws with chain fringe trim.

Stretch and Cover is a company that has pioneered a new type of stretch fabric that is made specifically for slip covers. The weave is multi-directional and is formulated to rebound and keep its shape.

Each product comes with retainer bars and straps that are designed to help keep the covers in place even with daily use.

For a more casual look try these styles from Conterelle, one of the companies that modernized ready to buy slip cover design.

Found these chenille covers on They are well priced and available in rich colors.
Another find.

For a brighter and more varied selections of fabrics try The Slipcover Company. They have a large selection and very good pricing.

These dining chair covers are my favorite. I love that they come in short and long skirt styles.

Finally, how about these winter whites? These would look beautiful in any holiday dining room and they only cost $10.99 !!!!!!

Here's hoping your Holiday Parties are smashingly successful. That no one gets food poisoning or drinks too much eggnog and that most of all, no one looks under the slipcovers to see what lies underneath!


Bonnie said...

Hi Jackie......Those slipcovers are great! I had some PB slipcovers on my new LR couch when we were living in an apartment while we were building to keep the sofa all fresh & clean since the sofa color was called natural. I didn't want to put it in storage since it was new & the PB slipcovers with the "D "rings in the back to help tighten them up worked out well. I love those pleated little DR ones you posted....slipcovers have come along way! Bonnie

cotedetexas said...

great post - love the first picture the most - wasn't that in your living room???? hehe

Pigtown*Design said...

I need some of these. the dog's new fave place is curled up on the sofa.


Oh, how I love a deep sofa. One problem...I'd never get up! Thanks for the amazing and informative post. Happy Holidays from Canada!

Barbara Jacksier said...

I'm a big fan of slipcovers, too. Some of mine are permanent others are temps.

They work wonders for secondhand finds until I find time or inspiration to fix 'em up.

girl meets glamour said...

Wow, I'm usually not one for slipcovers, but you really have some great ones here...but there's no hope for that first photo :)


Country French Antiques said...

Hi Jackie
Stumbled on your blog and love it!
Great information and I can really identify with your posts on Rat Bastards.
I need to go thru & read all your posts.
I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Oh Thank You for the post! Love the Provence slipcovers~