Friday, May 9, 2008

Burma - Myanmar

After watching the coverage on TV of the devastation in Burma I wanted to know more about the country. The political unrest in the country has striped it's people of much of their dignity but their rich history is a testament to a vibrant and artistic culture. Fantastical architecture and embellishment are a staple through ought the country.

The much coveted Burmese Ruby is the standard for jewelers. Now called blood rubies due to their association with funding activities of the Junta. They have been banned in the US but are still sold in other countries across the globe.

Burmese jade is another precious commodity banned by the US.

Politics aside, the human suffering that is now apparently being made worse by the current governments refusal to accept global relief is so very tragic. I hope that they will open up the country soon to relief agencies for the sake of their people.

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You are so right in this post. I do like your political I share in your belief about relief reaching the suffering of so many. What a tragic testament to government taking responsibility for it's people. Yes, there are wonderful arts and natural beauty in this part of the world... hope to see it someday... Fay