Friday, October 31, 2008

Put A Cork On It

I've always been a fan of the cork / ribbon board. I love to look at what people put up as inspiration and their personal mementos. Here are some great examples of using them as a focal point.

This is an awesome application in formal panels above the breakfast table. What a great way to communicate with your family. Every member could have their own section.

Allesandra Branca - a fan of the ribbon board

Another Branca board

Love these alternatives to cork - clipboards and chicken wire and clothes pins , Who knew!

The top board is made from actual corks! You'd certainly have fun drinking all the bottles of wine you'd need to make this one.

How many of us grew up sticking pictures and notes to our vanity mirror? Here's a grown up version. I love it.

Wall pockets are a new trend. Very tailored and great for the neat freak who cannot tolerate the chaos of a conventional board.

No matter how you pull it off, inspiration, message or memento boards are a great personal touch to any interior.

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Unknown said...

What great examples you have shown here. I love them all!! So inspiring.