Friday, November 28, 2008

Sears - You Suck

Tuesday evening as I was about to start planning my pie baking schedule for the following day I heard a very loud popping and snapping sound coming from my top oven. I glanced over it to see it looking something like this. Fire shooting out of the ventilation slits at the top and smoke pouring out of it. ( A definite electrical incident - not a grease fire or other cause)

Pretty soon I had a group of these guys over for a visit. They were very nice, said my house would not burn down but couldn't do anything to revive my ovens.

So I put in a call to these guys who made my super duper Kenmore double wall ovens.

I think I talked to this guy. He told me that my oven was no longer under warranty. I said " I know it's not under freaking warranty but don't you guys have some kind of guarantee that my oven won't blow a freaking gasket and catch on fire and burn my house down? He said, " No we don't". He also said, " I can send a technician out to look at it for $96.00 but I can't get one there until Friday". To this I said "What about my freaking turkey dinner?". He said" We are very busy, everyone is making turkey". I wondered, "Do they eat turkey in freaking India?". I hung up.

Thankfully we cooked our turkey dinner at my sisters house. I still have no oven and I am so pissed that I won't call Sears so they can come out and tell me what I already know. My oven is fried and I need to spend $2500 on a new one. There goes the face lift fund! Crap!

Happy Thanksgiving.


Fifi Flowers said...

UGH... I hate things like this!
Thank goodness for your sister's oven! Maybe you could get a little Botox or retylane or both while you recoup the facelift funds!
ENJOY your weekend... just think you have an excuse not to cook! ;)

Unknown said...

Oh my....bad luck and too bad for Sears!!! Maybe they will read this post and do something about it.

Material Girls said...

Oh gosh- that is awful! That's so frustrating about Sears customer service people- don't they know it's Thanksgiving and people need their turkeys!

Ellen said...

Further affirmation that nobody seems to know a thing about customer service these days. As customers become scarcer and scarcer one can only hope that businesses will once again realize that the way to stand apart from the mediocre crowd is to stand behind their products. We all need to vote with our wallets!

cotedetexas said...

God, you are funny. I mean - it's tragic and all, but the picture of the man is hysterical. I'm surpised you didn't put a picture of naked fireman on there - you know those calenders they sell?


LOL, Sorry to be laughing but, I can't help it. Love the pic of the Sales Guy!!!

You don't need to cook! Your in Vegas Baby, Lots of great restaurants.....

Ho, Ho,