Friday, December 12, 2008

Architectural Digest + Brad Pitt = A Good Thing

I have not read an issue of Architectural Digest since their March 08' issue on the Bush decorated White House when I questioned their poor timing, here. I have been a fan on and off but over the last few years I just couldn't get excited about the interiors they were featuring. But when my husband brought home the January issue with Brad Pitt on the cover I felt obligated to give it a once over.

design: Peter Marino photography: Durston Saylor

To my surprise the issue was absolutely stunning, filled with a scintillating variety of diverse designs that, while certainly luxurious, offered inspiration that could be applied to any interior.

design: Chakib Richani Architects photography: Marina Faust

The locations of the homes featured are as exciting as the interiors. From this beautiful home in Beirut, which seems to be such a departure from the images we normally associate with the war torn city, to a collectors paradise designed by Samuel Botero in New York.

design: Samuel Botero photography: Phillip H. Ennis

Jennifer from The Peak of Chic, recently posted inquiring what had become of the decorative arts collector. Well Jennifer, I believe he's doing very well and living in this gorgeous apartment which is done to perfection and filled with a diverse collection of art, architectural elements, and antiques.

design: Hendrix Allardyce photograph: David Matheson

One of my favorite interiors in the issue is this eclectic but elegant home in Melbourne. The jubilant mix of furnishings in the great room is nothing short of perfection. It is a study in the superb use of scale, balance, and harmonious effect.

It takes a lot to overshadow the glorious Mr. Pitt but I was so entranced by the interiors in this issue that I almost forgot about him. The issue takes a look at the efforts of his Make It Right Foundation to help rebuild the devastated neighborhoods in New Orleans using safe, affordable, and sustainable homes. Learn more about the organization at

On another note: Hot on the heals of their New York auditions, Architecturl Digest is holding another series of try outs in California. Brooke Gianetti - get on over there !

In an age where shelter magazines and design book publishers are in serious trouble I plan to do my part and subscribe to AD. If this issue is any indication of things to come I know it will be well worth the price of admission!


Unknown said...

Anything with Brad Pitt has to be good! I would want the magazine just to look at him! I know I know-Aren't we over him by now? Merry Christmas! Daisy~

MIMILEE said...

I almost picked up this issue on the newstand the other day, but didn't! Maybe I need to!