Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Coincidence

I was surprised to learn earlier this week that I had won a prize from Paris Hotel Boutique one of my favorite online stores. It arrived yesterday and contained two lovely little candle pots from Voluspa. I don't know what is cuter the candle pot or the packaging. They take the phrase "good things come in small packages" literally. I just adore the colors and the labeling. Thank you Lynn, I will put them to good use!

Coincidentally in the same batch of mail was my travel documents and itinerary for my trip to Germany and Germany & Paris!!!! So not only was I going to be able to smell some yummy Parisian goodness from my new candles but I had my tickets to Paris in my hot little hands. It seems my planets were aligning.

Then today one of my best friends, Danette, gave me this fabulous Tori Burch makeup bag which will be perfect for my trip. It was a day of happy coincidences.

I hope you have some wonderful moments of your own this weekend!!


Anna White said...

Very cute...I just love receiving special little gifts like pretty and girly ...well done! x

Eclectic Design Source said...

I love those Voluspa candle pots, they're one of my favorites. Lucky you!!