Sunday, April 11, 2010

NR Designs = Gorgeous Drapery Hardware


Charleston Symphony Design House – Hardware by NR Designs

One of the happy benefits of traveling all over the US to speak to design professionals is having the opportunity to meet so many amazing and creative people.


Charleston Symphony Design House – Hardware by NR Designs

Last month I did a day long event in Atlanta and met a great gal who mentioned that she had a new line of drapery hardware. I promised to look her up after the event and we would talk about her products.


Of course I had good intentions but time got the best of me and I forgot to email her – lucky for me she tracked me down. To say that I was amazed with her products is a gross understatement – I was floored! The entire line was stunning, all based on organic elements and finished in beautiful custom colors. Inspired by nature it resembles realistic coral, bamboo, driftwood, twigs, palm leaves and more.


Each piece is first molded from clay and then cast in resin. What I truly love about the line is that it retains the hand molded details of the clay original.


Another important design element of the line is the use of ornate brackets in place of finials. Nancy explained that in Charleston where she works and lives there are many homes that don’t have enough clearance for traditional finials. She solved this problem by designing brackets that function as both with simple end caps at the end of the rod. I’d say it’s a design that works!


This bamboo bracket is stunning.


Palm leaves are arranged in a fan for this bracket. What a great choice for a beachfront residence.


Palm leaves up close


The driftwood collection is as realistic you would think it just washed up on shore. I love the barnacles!

fish-in-waves These fish and waves pieces have a great whimsical touch.


Here’s a close up of the coral end bracket.

Nancy’s passion is working with designers to create custom designs to fit the specific needs of her clients. Her pieces are truly couture window hardware. By the way she is also a fabulous person and would surely be a joy to work with.

Please visit Nancy's website at:


Melanie Crabtree said...

Wow, beautiful stuff! love the idea of using a decorative bracket with a plain end cap, in lieu of a fancy final.

the Armchair Parisian said...

How very clever! I'm off to check out her website...

Rebecca Deming Rumpf said...

Jackie, these are gorgeous -- especially love the orchid bamboo brackets and the Carolina wrens. I'm such a sucker for the birdies... :-) Thank you for sharing yet another fabulous resource!

Karena said...

Jackie, what an artistic idea!! These are gorgeous.

Art by Karena

I have an interview up on my site with artist Rober Anders that is fascinating.

custom living room furniture said...

The curtain fittings are marvelous...they are so beautifully unique and if suited to the curtains and the window treatment cab bring fabulous effects.

Drapery Hardware said...

Palm leaves & driftwood collection are marvelous. Palm leaves is so handy are arranged in a fan for this bracket.

Kay Ellen said...

So pretty! I will head over and check out the site :))
Thank you Jackie!

Happy New Year!

Kay Ellen