Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting Back to the Basics





This week I’m working on a series of Angels for Christmas 2012 that will be modeled after antique Santons.  I’ve always loved antique religious relics and statuary so its fun to try to work those images into more contemporary versions.  I decided to start with the basics.




I want them to be moveable  so I am trying to work out a jointed body for the base.  I made some very rough body parts last night and cut them up to see what poses I could arrange.  My husband saw what I was doing and thought I had lost my mind.  We were watching the premier of Dexter which is about a serial killer who cuts people up and I was busy cutting up tiny body parts of my own.  Hummmm !


img023 img024


img025 img026


Here is the start of something beautiful – little bodies poses in angelic stances.  Soon they will have robes, wings, and halos to dress them up to look like this lovely lady below.




Stay tuned to see the finished product.

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