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Anne Spiro

Since the moment, a few years ago, when Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis hit the scene, the trellis pattern has become a staple for most soft furnishings vendors.  Intersecting lines have intertwined in an unending variety trellis designs ranging form simple to elaborate.  Now, it seems a new trend is emerging of a trellis stipe or chain link for lack of a better name.


In this new version of the classic motif the interlocking pattern runs in a directional stripe as a border or as a repeating stripe. 


The overall design of these chain link patterns is more sleek and sharp in its delineation with harder angles and thinner surface width.


Simplicity is the key and these new patterns seem to be more about exploring the relationship between positive and negative space rather than creating an equality in it.


Trellis Stripe Pattern #: WC4395

Harder lines and angles make for a more modern look.

ON SALE Woven Trellis Pattern  Vinyl Wall by wordybirdstudios, $55.21

Even the DIY world is picking up on the trend with stripes of trellis linking in chains down one wall as a highlight.


Circle mirror with lattice wall panels!

Here sections of wood trellis are used to create a striped effect.


Rugs USA - Area Rugs in many styles including Contemporary, Braided, Outdoor and Flokati Shag rugs.

Rugs USA

This rug design shows a more rounded take on the design giving it a retro feel.


Alternating shapes run in vertical stripes within the trellis create a strong graphic pattern in this drapery panel.


Aqua Embroidered Trellis Stripe on Sand Linen

This pillow follows the trend by using a trellis embroidery pattern to create a stripe as an embellishment.



Although his fabric featured on chairs from CR Laine is a complex pattern the central motif runs vertically creating a striped effect at the center.


Low prices and fast free shipping on F Schumacher. Search thousands of patterns. Item FS-5003282. Swatches available.


This wallpaper pattern overlaps a chain link pattern in a simple graphic design.

Love this.  Nice pattern, great colors, especially the aqua and turquoise with this orange red.

Trina Turk

Designer Trina Turk imparts a tribal feeling to this faceted design.  Tribal and modern southwest designs are popping up everywhere and take these patterns in a whole new direction that imparts an ethnic vibe.

Gray dotted trellis dwell studio decorative by pillowflightpdx, $28.00

This intricate pattern created with the applique of decorative trim on the face of this pillow has an almost aboriginal look that blends well with new emerging trends.


Anna Spiro has designed a striking wallpaper collection for Porters Paints.  Just recently released at DesignEx I am looking forward to having brunch @ Porter's on Thursday so i can see the whole collection!

Anne Spiro

This wallpaper from Anne Spiro in Australia also feels as if it were taken straight from a piece of aboriginal folk art. I think we will see the evolution of this chain link look into bolder and more colorful ethnic designs as these design trends come full circle. 

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