Monday, September 3, 2007

Hello: My Name is Jackie and I am a Trim Slut.

As my close friends will tell you I am a self proclaimed Trim Slut. I love decorative trim in all of it's many shapes and forms and I will use it on just about anything. I've spent the last few weeks researching trim for my new Bedding book and I have noticed a dramatic change in the abundance of modernist designs. The decorative trim industry has been a bit slow to embrace the shift toward transitional and modernist decor but in recent months they seem to have taken on the challenge of designing trims to suit those styles.

Houles, one of the oldest and most revered passementerie makers has been known for their classic French designs and traditional motifs. Their new collections are quite a departure from the norm. They incorporate sleek design with up to date colors to produce stunning results.

Simplicity and basic geometric shapes are used to produce classic silhouettes. As always their quality of workmanship is exemplary.

Another French manufacturer Van Lathem Inc. takes a more playful approach to contemporary design. The use feathers, glass beads, even aluminum tassel fobs to produce products that will blend in with today's designs.

A domestic company that I use often, d'KEi Incorporated , has embraced alternative design to produce a large selection of modern and whimsical elements.

Traditional medallions or buttons are given a fresh new perspective.

Beads, ribbons, crystal, and even knotted macramé cording create unique tassels and tie backs that fit todays design parameters.

Robert Allen has a varied selection of transitional styles. I especially like their flat tapes which are great for use on bedding and pillows.

Using trim when designing for a contemporary or modern environment can be challenging. With the new styles being offered by the trim industry, that job is getting s bit easier.


Unknown said...

Well I think there are probably worse things you could be called than a "Trim Slut". Too funny, I cracked up when I read that....but all that aside I am all for embracing these delicious trims you have highlighted here. When is your book scheduled for release, I want to be one of the first to have it in my library to drool over all your lucious drawings.

Unknown said...

Hi Patricia,
I like to be open and honest about my addictions! My book comes out in two weeks. You can click on it's cover on my blog and it will take you to the listing on Just between you & me - I received the first advanced copies this morning!!!!! So exciting. I'm going to blog about it tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie,

I just found your blog, and was laughing so hard~I always thought of myself as a "Bauble Tart" forever hunting for those tiny pieces of creative magic. But, I think I like "Trim Slut" better!

Thank You for my new phrase of the day!

Mélanie said...

I'm a trimming addict ..Do you know medicine to cure that ..I don't
I love Houles but also Declercq passementerie is even better.If you want to know more about Declercq I will send you some information.
I was suposed to have a job in Houles USA in California 6 years ago , but finally I wanted to open my shop .
In my blog there is a picture of one of my favorite . I love to use them . Your post has given me inspiration for one of my next post

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the nickname "Bauble Tart". I laughed for five minutes after reading that! It sounds so sophisticated yet still a little dirty. We loose women have to stick together.

Unknown said...

As far as I know there is no cure but who wants one! I'm proud of my addiction - it just requires a lot of storage space. Please send me the info on Declercq - it sounds divine.

Mélanie said...

Jackie I have written the post today about trimmings and Declercq . You can check .
I hope one day , we can meet to talk about it

Pigtown*Design said...

Jackie... do you know about V.V. Rouleaux in London? Wonderful shop for trimmings.

Anonymous said...

I think Houles is a fantastic company that has indeed come out with great new trim collections that are sleek and contemporary, without neglecting the company's rich history. What's best now is that Brunschwig & Fils has taken on the line in all their showrooms in the US so the alliance really make a most incredible offering.