Thursday, June 2, 2011

New York City ~ Architectural Voyeurism


IMG_2408   IMG_2409 IMG_2413IMG_2412

Whenever I am in New York ( or any other city for that matter) I try to soak up every bit if culture and architectural detail I can find.  Living in the West in a city that is only a few years past 100 years old there is not much of anything here with any architectural merit.  So I absolutely love classic ornament and historic detailing. 



Here are a few of the jewels I spotted on my trip a couple of weeks ago.

IMG_2328  IMG_2381


 IMG_2390 IMG_2391 IMG_2397 IMG_2398


IMG_2405 IMG_2406


IMG_2283  IMG_2354

Love It! 


Rebecca Grace said...

I LOVE that leafy vine snaking it's way up through the Greek key border... I can see that embroidered on a 2" ribbon braid trim... in the Jackie Von Tobel Trim Collection yet to come. ;-)

NR Designs said...

Great photographs, Jackie! Like you, I also enjoy the architecture of cities that I visit. You would love Charlestion, SC. Let me know if you are ever planning a visit here.

Unknown said...


I wish we still did buildings like this today. They are art pieces to say the least.

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DIY Lighting said...

Wow, this is some serious architectural stuff. Very detailed and lovely.

Room Lighting said...

Beautiful architecture!